Tyrone Thomas & The Whole Darn Family - Has Arrived (1976)

For those still unaware, this is one of the classic independent underground funk LPs of the 1970s! The Whole Darn Family were a seven-piece band (augmented by a six-piece horn section) from Richmond, Virginia, featuring the production and writing skills of August Moon and lead vocalist Tyrone Thomas.
The tunes here range from driving soul sounds as in "You Know That You Lied" to more complex numbers like "Fly Away Love Bird," which exhibits Joel Smither's lovely flute. The oft-sampled, seven-minute instrumental "Seven Minutes of Funk" is funk-fused with jazz elements, accented by Steve Carey's synthesizer, Woody Hughes' emphatic bass playing, Tommy Bryant and Kenny Mimms' sweet guitar licks, and Thomas' steady drumming. A funky "Ain't Nothing to Do," unleashes a rock guitar punctuated by O. T. Young's conga beats and keyboardist Clinton Smith's solid playing, while the teary "I'm Hurt" has a strong Al Green/Otis Redding vibe.

Enjoy it!

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