I am going to be working on getting a ton of shit re-organized on this little ol' site o' mine, I'm honestly getting tired of doing it the way I have been (not to mention all those days without any new music updates...sorry). I'd much rather be into letting unknown bands get some extra exposure than just posting stuff I like. So, I'm going to declare/warn you folks right now, a lot of the music on here may disappear. I'm going to put together a giant post with links to the music, so you will still be able to access them, but the posts themselves will die. Some of the music itself will be deleted, either dead links or stuff you can get anywhere, and you don't need my shabby help to find. I've looked at some of the things I've posted since I began and I just want to shed some extra weight. I think that a true DIY attitude and good music are sadly scarce these days, a lot of the time people forming bands not to create good music but to gain bragging rights, lame girlfriends, and social acceptance in lieu of learning to play their instruments. So I say FUCK THAT. It's time....

Commence the reconstruction.

Bill Shatnerrr - You Put the Round Burger on the Sqaure Wonderbread EP

Some awesome spastic hardcore, jumping all over the place. Lots of crazy dissonant "grind and groove" riffs, plenty of off-kilter breakdowns, all the while interrupting itself every now and then amongst the chaos with a clean guitar. If you've heard their demo from awhile back last year, then you should know that the songs only suffered from the recording quality. Now you can have all that cake, and smash it too. These are TIGHT, motherfucker!!


1. That's a Duck, Not A Dick...
2. Brick with t'hook in'tit
3. Youwouldn'tconsiderthissoshitifyouwereactuallyanygoodatit

Gorge Trio - Open Mouth, O Wisp

One of them albums that makes you hate me even more. Piano, guitar, and drums, all seemingly improv, but the inclusion of the track "Intimate Addition," probably the most intense tropical song to ever exist, suggests otherwise, leaving you to speculate on whether or not these guys are just making noise. I guess it's up to you to decide.


1. A Comedy in the Sun
2. Memo To an Apparition
3. Plum Sign
4. Words
5. The Invisible Student
6. Intimate Addition
7. Dawn of a Piccolo
8. Roof Halves and Dewdrop Gems
9. The Lurker
10. Triangles
11. Youth Island
12. Diving a Hot Spot
13. Living with Tigers
14. The Spa Bird
15. Paris Trap
16. That Pilot Set
17. Bitter Drum
18. Masks for Quilts
19. Health Seekers
20. The Age of Almost Living
21. Open Mouth, O Wisp
22. Treasure House in Amber

Third Death/[All Those Opposed]/Hulk-Out 3-Way

Well, this is a great one-sided 12" LP, three bands from Providence shredding it up. I don't know where the All those Opposed tracks went, so sorry....they were the weakest tracks of the lot, in my opinion. Third Death, as you know, RULES!! Hulk-Out, as you should know, RULES!!! All insane skate-thrash in the vain of The Poopy Butts, Scholastic Death, and any others that are for one reason or another just not coming to mind right now.

[Third Death]

1. If My Skateboard Had a Mouth it would Eat Pizza
2. Until the Death
3. Fuck Buddy
4. Late Night Sessions
5. Time With You
6. Skate Crew
7. Acid Drop
8. Dumpster Dive
9. People Change
10. Lights Stay On


13. The Rhode Island Smoking Ban Is An Epic Piece Of Legislation
14. The Sharks Are A Legitimate Association Of Likeminded Bicyclists
15. Chan's Brother Is A Fucking Cyborg And I Think That's Fucking Rad
16. The Lead Singers of Your Favorite Bands Are Probably Assholes
17. If You Lost 125lbs You'd Write A Song About It Too, Asshole
18. Every Day I Pray For Zombies/(Dry Poop), White Lightning

Godzik Pink - S/T 7"

Some avant-jazz stuff I've been into lately, really skronked and strange. Features Eric Kiersnowski from Totally Serious and formerly of Upsilon Acrux (that's a band that's been popping up a lot around here...Jesus, everything is fucking related). Godzik isn't together anymore, unfortunately, putting out only 4 EPs and a couple songs on a few comps. Coming together in a whirl of skewed dissonant harmony, with songs barely going over the 2:30 mark. If you're into weird jazzy-type stuff, (Flying Luttenbachers, Mouse on the Keys, 16-17, etc.) then this might be up your alley.


1. Nursery Lime
2. East Coast/West Coast Unity (A Cry For Peace)
3. He Hits Her
4. Scorching Summer Nights

Clan of the Cave Bear/Self Destruct Button 7"

I haven't scanned the artwork, which is unfortunate, since there are great drawings on each side. But you should be here for the music. CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR, from Cleveland, OH, do a two-man progressive grind/metal/noise thing that not too many folks could compare to. Got this when I saw them with Upsilon Acrux and Stats in Brooklyn at Death by Audio. They RULE live. SELF DESTRUCT BUTTON, also from Cleveland, do melodic, yet abstract rock. Off kilter as hell, you might want to listen to that for a few times, just to soak it in as much as possible. Also, additional info on either band would be much appreciated. They're both pretty elusive.


1. Two Chimps on a Davenport (CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR)
2. Egg Collection (SELF DESTRUCT BUTTON)
3. Key Lime Pie (Head Roast) (SELF DESTRUCT BUTTON)

Totally Serious - Live Stuff

Totally Serious is Jesse Appelhans on drums and Eric Kiersnowski on bass. They've both played in Upsilon Acrux, Jesse was also in Bad Dudes, Eric was in Godzik Pink, among many other great ones. If you dug anything by Ruins, or even that Weird Legs post a few weeks back, then give this one a go. They really don't have an album, nothing really other than live recordings and a few youtube videos. I ripped the sound off the videos I found awhile back, so here they are. Enjoy!


1. Unknown Live Track
2. Unknown Live Track
3. We Need To Talk (Live)
4. Are You Sitting Down? (Live)
5. I've Been Thinking (Live)

2 New Blogfinds

My friend in Cleveland just started up a blog of his own, calling it Emploit the Xasses. From the looks of the few posts on there already, this will range from art to suggested reading, reviews, music, and all within that narrow alternative with such a wide perspective. I guess. Check it out, show some love!

The second find is more of that, showcasing obscure (at least to me) movies, comics, music, and books for all those folks sick of the ordinary. AHHH! My Indie Cred (as they call it) is a new favorite of mine, run by numerous posters, ranging from Indie Rock and electronic music to Black Metal to Jazz, from Horror and Gore to Drama to Anime, postmodern novels, just to name a few.

I think that if you're a fan of anything a bit more out of the ordinary, then these sites might be right up your alley, holmes. Check them out feverishly, make them your homepage, your only window into the outside. Or just click a few links and see what the hubbub is about.

Winning - Could We Believe in Magic?

For those of you that enjoyed the previous Winning album, here's more skewed broken pop craziness from Canada's most damaged band. Like said before, for fans of U.S. Maple, Captain Beefheart, and others of the like.


1. Church of Stuff
2. Taking Fort Somber
3. Fame Won't Bring The Ones We Love Back From The Grave
4. Voyager
5. Weird Weight
6. Wounded Knee
7. Hang Your Oldest Horse
8. I Was Naked Once, It Was Terrible
9. We're Dumb Mouths
10. They're Big Drugs
11. 3.2.1. Perfume
12. Our Queen Whom the Dogs are Eating
13. Bank on Notes

Tumbleweave - ♪♫♪♫♫♫♪♪♫♪

Tumbleweave are from West Palm Beach, Florida. Yes, that's really the name of this album. Don't hurt yourself. This is some great electronic music, if you ask me. Kind of like Yip-Yip, perhaps just not as gimmicky. They've also been compared to Gay Beast, Devo, even Lightning Bolt and Ruins (I guess this was based off of their live sound). Think a live 8-bit cover of a Looney Toons Sega game soundtrack, and you'll be pretty close. Give them a visit on their bandcamp page, these guys seem like legit dudes, spread the love and enjoy!


1. Mystery Lunch
2. Pornstars Built the Pyramids
3. Rumbleweave

Thrash to the Puss 5-Way Split

5 crazy-good powerviolence and hardcore bands together for a free download release, mass distibuted by a good number of sick labels, such as To Live A Lie, Buried In Hell, ZX Tapes, Cul-De Sac Distro, Shitpiece, Lost Cause, Cornada, and Buddha Khan Records; yeah, mega name drop.

One track from each band, all insane and ferocious, so there's something here for everyone. Whether you're into the Straight-edge spasms of You Suck, the messed-up altered thrash from Bill Shatnerrr, The raw, corrosive heaviness of xharoldshitmanx, the pounding thrash of Unlearned, or the down-n-dirty lo-fi of Damage, you just can't say no. Besides, this is a free downloadable release, get this in your head right fucking now!!


1. xharoldshitmanx - Elitist Punx Fuck Off
2. You Suck - You'll Never Be Welcome
3. Bill Shatnerrr - The Junk of New Orleans
4. Unlearned - King Ferocious
5. Damage - Blink 182

U.S. Maple - Stuck 7"

U.S. Maple is one of the most broken bands I've ever heard. A band created for the sole purpose of deconstructing conventional rock n' roll, they definitely seemed to have accomplished exactly that. This is one of my favorite releases by them, a mere two song 7" released by the best experimental label EVER, Skin Graft Records. Fans of music like Winning, Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, and The Flying Luttenbachers take note.


A. Stuck
B. When a Man Says "Ow!"

bracket.retards.bracket - Kicking Against the Micks

I know too many bands that have a completely zonked out sound. This band from Dublin, Ireland are one of my newfound favorites. I only have this single 7" EP from them, but am looking for anything else I can lay my hands on. They mix weird industrial punk rhythms and fuzzed guitars, spacy electronics, all reminding me of early Butthole Surfers crossed with L7 (go figure). I only know one of the song names (there isn't any track list anywhere). This was released in a run of only 300 copies. Definitely worth your time.


1. Song 1
2. Michael Caine
3. Song 3
4. Song 4

Mother Night - Extinct Dialects

When I get requests, I gotta be honest, I get to hear some terrible terrible stuff. But it's every once in a while that I get to hear a band that has some amazing songs, and thankfully, these guys fit the latter. These songs are all instrumental, yet defying a typical progressive style by having their songs under 20 fucking minutes long. Huzzah!! On top of that, the songs are all great, with groovy catchy hooks, driving drumbeats, and a few psychedellic moments peppered throughtout. Definitely worth a listen or two, and deserves a place next to Stinking Lizavetta (actually digging these tunes more so than the SV's).


1.Chief Diamond Phillips
2. Ghost Orchid
3. Dawnstrider
4. Cosmocolori
5. Moth Voices
6. Gently Leaning Towards the Nearest Black Hole
7. While In A Collapsing Tunnel

Weird Legs - Weird Life Demo

I've been gone awhile, but check out that collage...Anyway, this is a 3 song demo by a couple of my friends who call themselves Weird Legs. Drum and bass insanity, these guys are really great. They stopped playing after writing these songs, but word is that they'll be back soon with more material, so keep posted!!


1. Jellyfish Puppet
2. Hobbes
3. Everything is Bugs

Werewolves - Grind Melon EP

Upon posting the Call Me Betty EP earlier this week, I recieved an e-mail from Geoff from Werewolves, the band that Call Me Betty had done a split 7" with. He delivered a juicy little EP, with some crazy hardcore, filled with catchy, brutal vocals, (a fine example would be the track " Knuckleheadin' ") some nice thrashy grinding parts, and plenty of harsh hardcore anthems. These guys must have been insanely great live, you can actually realize the energy in the room just from the recording. Not to mention, some of the most hilarious album artwork I've seen in a long time. This is one you need to check out, definitely.


1. Intro
2. Boner
3. Knuckleheadin'
4. Until We Die
5. Booger Lips
6. I Stand Corrected
7. Kephanie Stukich
8. Until She Took My Legs
9. Railway Livin'
10. Rock And Roll Hotel
11. Backslider

Call Me Betty - der Gini-Koeffizient EP

Total whoa band. I wish I lived in Germany, if bands like this exist everywhere. The more I look, the more bands I find that blow me away. Call Me betty is now sadly defunct, leaving behind quite a string of releases, at least they were extremely productive, like most German bands nowadays. Unfortunately I only have this and their split 7" with a band called Werewolves. I haven't looked into Werewolves much... Oh, I guess you're wondering about the music, huh? Well, they play a crazy combo of hardcore and explosive grind, like a faster and WAAAAAAY more chaotic A Fine Boat, That Coffin! without the screamo element so much.

Mondo Gecko/D9 Split LP

Two bands on one great slab o' wax, goes the saying. Both are hailing from Israel, this was put out between Urban Decay Records, To Live A Lie Records, and a couple others that escape me at the moment. It's still in print, just ask the bands or labels for copies!! Mondo Gecko offer up some great hardcore punk, with that great skate-thrash sound that reminds me of Hated Youth and Third Death mashed together. D9 come up with some down-tempo grind, with some really harsh sounding vocals. This shit is heavy as hell. 7 songs from each band, so you don't feel gypped, and this is definitely a great introduction to some Israeli hardcore to those that aren't too up on the whole scene.


1. Feast of the Beast
2. Frozen Mountain
3. Chosen One
4. Brothers of Blasphemy
5. Blind Horse
6. Blastbeat for the King
7. Urban Stefan

8. Prolific
9. Shapes Chasing Shadows
10. Cracked
11. Jigsaw Your Existence
12. Deadman in the Street
13. Fourth Gear Comprehension
14. Divings' Abyss

Yukon - Mortar

One crazy delicous band from Baltimore, MD. Awesome rock arrangements, reminds me of a more complex Ed Kemper Trio, with some Fugazi melody thrown in. Pretty sweet stuff, really hard to find too, I got this from a friend of mine, I think. If anyone has any of their out of print stuff, e-mail me!! I'd like to get more of the rock.


1. Legsick
2. Consolation Enterprise
3. Gough
4. Ribosome
5. Mt. Pleasant
6. Formation Prevention
7. Wall
8. Pedestrian