Joe Bataan - Afrofilipino (1975)

A key piece of latin funk, though not such a famous piece of Mr Bataan's discography, 'Afrofilipino' pays tribute to his origins while pushing ahead the boogaloo/soul formula that made his breakthrough with Fania in the 1960s.
Bataan's first album on the newly-formed Salsoul label (a phrase he was instrumental in coining), this record contains a healthy dose of organ/keyboard- filled latin funk, with a rather unique sound. The hit single back in the days was his great pre-disco cover of Gil Scott-Heron 'The Bottle' (re-titled 'La Botella'), while the title track, 'Women Don't Want To Love Me' and the epic 2-part song 'What Good Is A Castle' are all high points of the genre.

Enjoy it!

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