Frank Strazzeri - After The Rain (1977)

Funky keyboard work from Frank Strazzeri– a player who's really stretching out here in the 70s, with a massively cosmic vibe you'd never have guessed from his earlier work! Strazzeri had recorded and played heavily around the LA scene by the time of this mid 70s release – but none of his other work was as wonderfully soulful as this!
Frank's working here on moog and electric piano – in a group that includes Sam Most on tenor, Bobby Shew on trumpet, and Don Alias on percussion – grooving with Frank in a gently funky way that's got a heck of a lot of soul, and which makes for some nice extended tunes with an amazing sonic architecture. Titles include "After The Rain", "Rush Hour", "Philadelphia Flyer", the splendid "Cloudburst", and "The Third Eye".

Enjoy it!

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