Rhythm Machine - Rhythm Machine (1976)

A fantastic independent LP of funky soul, this self-titled album by Rhythm Machine is fulled of little nuggets that will tickle your groove-loving ears. Hailing from Indianapolis, the group was made of members Meride Williams and Donald Harris on saxophones, Hopie Bronson on keyboards, James Boone (bass guitar/lead vocals), Robert Dycus (drums), Maurice Puckett (guitar), and Dennis McNeil on conga.
The collective writing and arrangements have a great mid-70s feel, with lots of space, and a great warm sound that's a perfect balance between fully organic sound and the right bits of electric keyboards in the mix.
Includes 'You Got Action, You Got Me", 'Everybody's Chippin' and the great longer piece 'Thought My Love Was Fine'.

Enjoy it!

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