William Bowers - Soundtrack #2

Another one from Already Dead Tapes, a bit different than anything else I've ever had on here; this one is an ambient album. The songs leave you in an almost brain-dead state, clearing the mind of all but subconscious thought. Your breathing slows; you float. It's like a soundtrack to cloudwatching; but hey, the label describes it better than I ever could:

William Bowers works primarily in synthesizer, tape, piano, and musique concrete to form a very desolate, cold ambiance. Drawing heavy influence from composers such as Basinski, David Lynch, Philip Glass, and Silas CiarĂ¡n, Bowers focuses on mood and atmosphere versus technical composition.

Already Dead Tapes, from their catalog that I've heard so far, has been squeezing out awesome experimental noise/rock/whathaveyou, but being relatively new, I'm getting excited to see what else they'll have to offer in the future. You can listen and download it from here: