Tony Aiken & Future 2000 - Unity Sing It Shout It (1976)

A mindblower! Tony Aiken & Future 2000 were an obscure mid 70s group from New York -- all players skilled in the burgeoning club scene of the time, but who also had their roots in Caribbean music -- coming together for this unique record in a festive blend of early disco and funky styles!

The record's got a great home-grown feel -- a warm ensemble effort that's got equal parts soul and groove -- and which bubbles over with personal touches that really make the tracks stand out from the pack. Quoting the liner notes 'Unity speaks for itself in a world that's slowly pulling apart we all need to stop and think 'Unity' not just for one but for everyone 'Unity''. Includes the side-long jammer "Unity Sing It Shout It", plus the funky disco classic "Better Days", the soulful cuts "She Loves Me", "Good Things", and the great instrumental "Time Tunnel".

Enjoy it!


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