Moisture Throne - DEEP

Here is one great little album/song from the two Cruiser pals, but what a huge difference. Encompassing everything epic, tropical, progressive and amazing, this roughly 25 minute track will make your ears spin. However, the only thing that this group has in common with Cruiser is the drummer, whereas the guitarist has moved over to play bass. They are joined by two friends, one joining in on guitar, the other sporting a shiny new keyboard, and all joining in on vocals.

This has been one of the biggest surprises to come my way in some time, further restoring the faith that not everyone has dried up. Check out and download the track here, at I really wish there were some way to describe this band, and the only word that comes to mind are 'cosmic.'

I vote this, on a scale from 1 to 10, a "Super Whoa."