Mother Night - Extinct Dialects

When I get requests, I gotta be honest, I get to hear some terrible terrible stuff. But it's every once in a while that I get to hear a band that has some amazing songs, and thankfully, these guys fit the latter. These songs are all instrumental, yet defying a typical progressive style by having their songs under 20 fucking minutes long. Huzzah!! On top of that, the songs are all great, with groovy catchy hooks, driving drumbeats, and a few psychedellic moments peppered throughtout. Definitely worth a listen or two, and deserves a place next to Stinking Lizavetta (actually digging these tunes more so than the SV's).


1.Chief Diamond Phillips
2. Ghost Orchid
3. Dawnstrider
4. Cosmocolori
5. Moth Voices
6. Gently Leaning Towards the Nearest Black Hole
7. While In A Collapsing Tunnel